2020 Planning Committee

Michigan Summit on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Marc Cohen, Manager, Value Partnerships, Health Care Value, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Lisa Dillon, PhD, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Associate DIO, Detroit Medical Center

Robert Flora, MD, MBA, MPH, Chief Academic Officer and Vice President of Academic Affairs, McLaren Healthcare

Paige Fults, MPA, Director, Advocacy, Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA)

Karen Hagglund, MS, Medical Researcher, St John Hospital

Wendy Jolivet, MBA, Conference Manager, Human Resources Manager, Southeast Michigan Center for Medical Education (SEMCME)

Nadia Juzych, DSc, MS, Chair, 2020 Michigan Summit on Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Project Manager, SEMCME

David Pieper, PhD, Former Executive Director, SEMCME

Susan Palmer, Education Program Coordinator, Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak

Kate Sheppard, MPH, MSW, Executive Director, SEMCME

Lakshmi Swaminathan, MD, GME Director of Patient Safety and Quality, Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn

Dennis Tsilimingras, MD, MPH, Co-Director of Michigan AHEC, Department of Family Medicine and Public health Sciences Wayne State University School of Medicine

Sharon Wilson, MS, Medical Education, Beaumont Health