1. Review of IHI Model for Improvement, 7 Steps, 7 Tools, and QI Macro
    • Introduce modified templates
  2. Advanced tools from IHI QI Essentials Template
    • Cause and effect diagram
    • Driver diagram
    • Failure Modes and Effect Analysis
    • Project Planning Form
  3. Putting it all together: The Logic Model
    • Introduction to logic model
    • Nested logic models
    • Aligning QI activities with institutional goals
  4. The Ethics of Using Quality Improvement Methods in Health Care
    • Hasting Paper
    • Example protocols (Johns Hopkins, McLaren MCRI, etc.)


  • Attend prior SEMCME QI bootcamp
  • Familiarity with IHI model, 7 steps/seven tools, excel and QI Macro (can review prior on website)
  • Need laptops and QI macro/ excel

Estimated time: 3:45 to 4:00 hours